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At the heart of every journey is a dream and at the soul of every dream is an experience somewhere deep inside our psyche. We are the kid of the 90s. The fortunate ones, who have been at the threshold of the transition of time. From Radio to Tablet. From Pittu to PUBG. Form joint family to Nuclear. From Ramayana to OTT. From the villages to the City. We are the ones who grew up in running bare foot in paddy fields of Bengal to taking Calls amidst the dread of the night for an US client in a swanky city office far away from the paddy field, the smell of the first rain or the splash of the water when you take the leap of joy.

After spending years of in our City life we were always yearning to go back to the roots to have that rush of life for one last time. So, the traveler mind with every pretext went off to far off villages to spend time, learn culture and feel the uncomplicated warmth. Its during these journeys we got fascinated by the fact by the stories they tell with the simple stroke of brushes or chisel. Our culture is mostly saved and passed forward to the next generations in the forms of tales, rituals and crafts.

Every tribal or village craft tells a story that depicts the time and sprit of the people in those realms of time. Handible was born as an effort to bring forward the tales in the craft into the generations of our times and make people connect to their roots. Life is move forward but it the roots that will keep us grounded and help us to connect to the future.

Yes it’s a business and we are here to make profit. But, profit is for our survival. The main objective is to give back in whatever way it’s possible to the last artisan or craftsman who is thinking of quitting his craft and move to city to begin the life of a daily labourer. There are very few of these story tellers left today. So, even if we in our small capacity can stop afew of them to carry forward the tradition then we will be able to leave a world of promise for our future generation.

So, it’s a earnest request to help us to help them.

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Our Mission

We are on a mission to connect 1 million lives of our Present and Future to our Past and tell the story of our roots.

Our Vision

Our vision to bring the light of joy and happiness to last man standing in the queue in remotest corner of country.

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